King Palm 2ct Mini Flavored

King Palm


Product Overview

Our Signature Pre-Rolled Cones

If King Palm is known for one thing, it’s our Cordia Palm leaf cones. The Cordia Palm tree is native to Southeast Asia, where we have partnered with local farms to harvest the leaves in an organic and sustainable fashion. Every wrap is hand-rolled without the use of glues or dyes. Each one of our mini rolls is capable of holding up to one gram of ground herbs. Just pack your herb down with the included bamboo poking stick and you are ready for a slow-burning, flavorful smoking experience. 

Terpene-Infused Corn Husk Filter Tips 

Our innovations didn’t stop with the Cordia leaf cones. Each pre-rolled cone is fitted with an all-natural corn husk filter tip. For our flavored rolls, we insert a terpene-infused capsule into each filter. Just squeeze the filter until you hear a popping sound to release the sweet flavors. 

An All-Natural Alternative to Flavored Blunt Wraps

Traditional blunt wraps achieve their flavors with flavoring dips or sprays. This results in a muddled, tobacco-heavy smoke with a hint of fruit. When you puff on a King Palm flavored cone, the berry flavors are clear and pronounced without overshadowing the taste of your herb. Plus, you can enjoy the full flavors of your herb before you decide to squeeze the filter and add the burst of flavor. 

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